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  • Bill, we had an excellent trip. Everything went as planned without issue, and generally we were happy with all of the service providers involved. Benrosa did a great job of meeting us and providing transportation services – the staff was very friendly and flexible. The Kicheche camp was nicer than expected. A very polished camp, well run, with excellent food. Andy is superb and runs a tight ship (he said to say hello) and they have some excellent guides. Every detail was handled flawlessly and service is impeccable. The setting is very nice being on a lake – we were able to canoe a bit. The game viewing in Laikipia was good. We were able to spot some wild African dogs which was a treat given how rare they are, and the white Rhino exhibit is well done. Also spotted a black rhino. The Offbeat camp was not as nice as expected. It might have been the fact that we just came from Kicheche. However, the game viewing in the Mara is excellent. Many cats close to camp – lots of lions and leopards, although did not see a cheetah. Lots of elephants, and many similar herbivores as Ol Pejeta with the exception of water bucs and rhinos. A little easier to spot things given the general openness of the terrain. Saw lots of animals on kills which was a plus. We also visited a nearby Maasi village which was a good experience and a taste of rural Africa. Bottom line – both camps provided great experiences. I surveyed the family, and if they had to choose to go back to only one of them, the consensus was they would choose Offbeat as the scenery, wildlife, and natural feel more than compensated for the lack of more refined accommodations. I think the kids also enjoyed the younger, more informal staff which led to more games, laughs, etc. Thanks for helping coordinating a great experience!

    Todd and family travelled to Kenya
Amboseli elephants with Kilimanjaro behind, Kenya Amboseli elephants with Kilimanjaro behind, Kenya Amboseli elephants with Kilimanjaro behind, Kenya Cheetah and cubs Masai Mara, Kenya Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru, Kenya Lewa-Downs Lioness in Masai Mara, Kenya Migration game drive, Masai Mara, Kenya Walking safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya



Introduction to the spectacular and diverse country of Kenya

From rugged hills and montane forests to endless savannah plains, Kenya offers incredible physical diversity. The scenery is breath-taking and the wildlife viewing is some of the finest available in the world, with the Masai Mara leading an impressive list of great safari areas. Walking safaris, horse riding safaris and mountain trekking will appeal to the more adventurous, and cultural interaction with the charismatic Maasai or Samburu is highly likely on any safari. For those looking for relaxation, the glistening white sands of the Indian Ocean coastline beckon.

Kenya’s safari history goes back to the early 1900’s and its fine tradition of personal guiding and warm hospitality still exists today. While a few wildlife parks have become commercially busy, it is a mistake to assume that exclusive safari regions, remote wilderness areas and intimate safari properties do not exist. Kenya caters for the experienced enthusiast just as easily as the first-time visitor.

Easy to reach from Europe and with a varied and well-organised internal tourism infrastructure, Kenya safaris deliver good value for money compared to other comparable destinations. In particular, Kenya offers some of the most cost effective ‘safari and beach’ combinations. Whether budget is important to you or not, this ability to easily combine incredible game-viewing with beautiful beaches has always made Kenya a wonderful family holiday or honeymoon destination.

So whether you’re looking for a specialist wildlife experience, a ‘bush & beach’ special celebration holiday, or perhaps a wonderful African adventure as a family, Kenya is the perfect destination to consider.

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