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  • We are still basking in the glow of an extraordinary trip. We loved every minute of our trip to Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya that you organized for all of us. It was frankly better than I could ever have expected. Exclusive, intimate, personal, exciting- really quite exceptional. It was a trip of a lifetime.

    I really appreciate the work you did in helping me to plan the trip for our group of eight. You did an exceptional job of offering alternatives and then explaining the benefits and differences of each. You listened carefully and patiently to our interests and helped me sort through our priorities, so we could maximize the use of our time and money. All transfers as we moved through our itinerary were efficient, and you created an experience that grew more interesting and exciting by the day and by the camp.

    What did we love? Everything but let’s start with the gorillas. What amazing animals. And I loved that we had a warm up day with the golden monkeys, and then two days with the gorillas. Right order. Right amount of time. The Serian camps (Kusini and Serengeti South) were the right blend of comfort and African authenticity. Food was delicious, our game drives were interesting from the moment we started, and our guides Masha and Baraka were the best! They were knowledgeable, flexible, and fun. We absolutely loved the accommodations you secured for us at the Entamanu Ngorongoro Lodge. It was just right from a timing perspective to have some running water and a chance to check in with the outside world. The food and service were both outstanding. Really excellent. And we found the crater to be both interesting and beautiful from a geologic perspective. However, it was the most touristy place we were in. Our day in the crater (just one scheduled) was more like visiting a large open-air zoo. We spotted a rhino in the distance but were not able to get close enough to even get a clear picture.

    Our final camp in Kenya was extraordinary and perfectly placed in the itinerary. Our hosts, Rosheen, Adrian and Charlotte, were great fun, and we felt like we had the camp to ourselves. Our Masai guides, Steve (Liaram), James, George and Peter, were knowledgeable, flexible and again, great fun. Our meals were delicious, our wine glasses were always full. Welcoming, friendly people always providing excellent service.

    It’s just hard to describe how fabulous the game viewing was wherever we were in Tanzania and Kenya. Massive amounts of wildebeest on the move. Early on we saw two cheetah kills in a morning, a leopard lounging in a tree, and a sight of a rather large dead zebra dragged up into another tree (probably by same leopard). We saw little lion cubs staying close to their lioness mother and listened to the cubs practice their little roars. We saw a new born wildebeest take his stumbling first steps following birth. And we saw a remarkable sight of a hyena chasing a group of wildebeests and zebra. Quite unexpectedly, we observed the zebra raise his hind legs mid sprint, kick the trailing young wildebeest high in the air which then landed virtually at the nose of the chasing hyena. Survival of the fittest. Amazing.

    We loved every minute of our time in Africa and have you to thank.

    Reuben and Mary from Florida travelled to Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania
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Introduction to the beautiful country of Rwanda

Rwanda is known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ and offers wonderful natural scenery almost wherever you go. It is also a land with a very rich cultural heritage, not all of it positive, and a visit to Rwanda will always include ‘limited’ exposure to the terrible events of the 1994 genocide (whether visiting the museum in Kigali or hearing about events from your guide). Today, the country has an extremely busy and friendly feel, and travelling around by road, you are able to really take in the positive atmosphere and beauty of this land.

The highlight of a Rwanda safari is seeing the incredible mountain gorillas, on the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes, just a few hours drive north of Kigali. Volcanoes National Park, which was home to research by Dian Fossey and the setting for ‘Gorillas in the Mist’, is home to around nine habituated gorilla families, and this region offers the most straight-forward gorilla tracking experience possible. Accessibility from Kigali (and therefore Nairobi) has made Rwanda the destination of choice for shorter, dedicated gorilla trekking safaris.

However, for anyone interested to explore further afield in Rwanda, there is plenty to experience. Nyungwe Forest in the south of the country is a spectacular forest reserve, with excellent birding and primate viewing. In particular, chimpanzee viewing is possible. Lake Kivu offers the chance for some beach relaxation and more general sight-seeing, whilst Akagera National Park is a ‘recovering’ park with some good game-viewing and birding, including the chance to see shoebill.

Overland tours are generally undertaken in the form of tailor-made private safaris, where we provide you with a private driver guide and an exclusive 4×4 safari vehicle. For longer explorations of the region, it is common to consider combining Rwanda with Uganda, making a one way journey between Kigali and Entebbe, including the various highlights according to your interests and as your time and budget allows.

For more information read our Guide to Gorilla Trekking.

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