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  • Dear Rob, once again we would like to thank you for an amazing holiday! We were known as ‘ the lucky’ couple and people wanted to go on a drive with us because we were lucky enough to see so much action! We saw the Hollywood Pride try three times to make a kill, and even nearly had the ‘prey’ land in our jeep with the lioness following! We watched in awe as another lion pride of twelve, very skilfully set up their prey and make a kill, with a couple fighting over part of the bushbuck! Paul got stuck on a boat with three elephants drinking from the river up close and very personal! We had eight elephants join our chalet one day and one nearly joined us in the chalet he was so close, then three gave an amazing show swimming right in front of us before crossing the water! We were lucky enough to see two honey badgers in the day straight after seeing a civet in the day! We saw the most leopards in an evening this season, with one with three cubs eleven months old and one with one cub about six months old. We saw hyenas robbing a leopard of it’s kill while it just watched from a tree. We saw a leopard mating pair ‘in the act!’ We even saw, right in front of us a lioness attempt to attack a leopard by sneaking up on it beside our jeep! Thank goodness it made it up a tree! Well as you can tell, we had an incredible time. The lodges were great and the guides and people we met along the way were interesting too! We met a family who you also had organised their holiday for, who were singing your praises too! We look forward to your ideas and suggestions for our next safari, it will certainly take some beating, we feel. Thank you again.

    Paul and Ruth travelled to South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi in Zambia
Aerial view of Victoria Falls, ZambiaBush walk with lion, Lower Zambezi, ZambiaCanoeing safari, Lower Zambezi, ZambiaCarmine bee-eaters nesting, Luangwa Valley, ZambiaKafue buffalo DA, ZambiaLeopard, ZambiaLower Zambezi River aerial, ZambiaLuangwa Valley game drive, ZambiaSouth Luangwa lagoon sunset, ZambiaSwooping African fish eagle, Zambia



Introduction to the magical and beautiful country of Zambia

Zambia today is still a traditional safari destination, offering a wide range of safari activities and experiences within an intimate and professional tourism industry. Most Zambia safari lodges and camps are small, many are still owner run, and you tend to leave as a friend rather than a paying client. Traditional values of personal service still exist, as do high standards of wildlife guiding.

Zambia is definitely a destination to consider for outdoor enthusiasts, and those who wish to really immerse themselves in wild Africa. While general game-viewing is excellent in a number of parks, the country is best known for offering fantastic walking safaris, incredible water-based activities (canoeing, boating and fishing on the Zambezi River), superb guiding and the wonderful hospitality mentioned above. The range of activities on offer makes Zambia an excellent destination for active visitors and families with older children.

Zambia is also an exclusive safari destination, with vast areas of pristine wilderness and relatively little evidence of mass tourism. Zambia’s premier safari region is the South Luangwa National Park, backed up by the beautiful Lower Zambezi and wild Kafue national parks. Between them, these parks offer a wonderful diversity of habitat and safari experience. More specialist destinations can include North Luangwa, Kasanka, Bangweulu, Lochinvar and Luiwa Plains. Victoria Falls, the world’s widest waterfall, are a major attraction and to see them in full flood from the air is one of Africa’s greatest sights.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the natural world and enjoy some of the best guiding and hospitality that Africa offers, then Zambia is the ideal destination.

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